Raising standards of living and environmental friendliness are the cornerstones of Siam Sindhorn development, using the high standard in construction technology to set new benchmarks of consideration for residents.

Sindhorn Village is designed for urban residents who seek the peace of nature and modern conveniences. That is why the project features twice the open green space as stipulated by zoning regulations, and every building is designed to meet the stringent energy standards of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Adherence to an Inside Out Design philosophy is meant to address indoor living and ways of life for the benefit of all residents.

With regards to construction, comfort and safety are the primary concerns. That is why all buildings are designed to withstand unexpected natural disasters of all types, as well as be sturdy and durable enough to last at least 100 years. Using Triple Layered Insulated Glass Units helps save energy costs, while the Single Loaded Corridor adds a layer of soundproofing that preserve peace and quiet among neighbors. All construction is done by Thai Obayashi Co., Ltd, the Japanese contractor renowned for their professionalism and skill in constructing buildings of complicated design.